Humanitarian supply In Tigray

Besides, the supply of food items by the National Disaster Risk Management Commission of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (#NDRMC) and others, the restoration of health services in Tigray is progressing with increasing number of their routine activities. To facilitate this, the Ministry of Health is working with Tigray Regional Bureau of Health and other stakeholders to monitor the progress of support on a daily basis. In addition to this, the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical supply agency branches in Mekelle and Shire are fully operational and working to ensure the distribution of medications to provide the needed services. And also, the national and the region blood banks are operational to supply and fill the gaps.
So far, the number of health facilities in Tigray zones confirmed resuming their services with medicines and supplies delivered have been reaching 88. Out of the total 40 hospitals, 15 are currently providing at full capacity. And 5 are functioning partially; by and large, 68 health centers out of 224 are fully operating their service delivery.
The ministry of health of FDRE, agencies and the regional health bureau are working intensively with local and international partners to make all health services (224) operational as soon as possible.

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